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Price upon request

Price includes:

• Urine Sample Kit
  A specially labelled Urine sample collection kit with detailed instructions of how
  to take and preserve the sample.

• Postage & Packaging

  Special pre-paid packaging is provided to return the sample safely, by
  first class post, to our laboratory for testing.

• Laboratory Analysis
  Samples are analysed at a central laboratory.


• Medical Questionnaire
  A Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire is included with this test. It covers
  important areas such as illness, injuries, medical conditions, medication, family
  health history and much more. The Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire
  provides us with vital information which can affect how results are interpreted.

• Interpretation of Results
  All results will be fully explained including implications
  for further diagnostic follow-up.


Contents: DiaPat® Urine Test

Turnaround Time: 4 working days after receipt of sample

Samples: Urine

Special Instructions: Please contact us prior to purchasing this test